The Heavenstone Secrets

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The Heavenstone Secrets The Heavenstone Secrets

by V. C. Andrews

Genre: Horror

Published: 2008

Series: Heavenstone

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Secrets are at home here...
The Heavenstone sisters live with their mother and father in a grand old mansion in bluegrass Kentucky. Semantha, the younger and prettier one, is afraid of so many things -- darkness, strange noises, mysterious whispers in the night. But nothing frightens her more than her sister, Cassie. She is older and wiser, and always telling Semantha what to do, what to wear, and how to behave around those wicked boys at school. Semantha has her eye on one special guy -- but Cassie has other plans for her. In the Heavenstone house, big sister knows best.
...and there's no escape.
Then tragedy strikes like a lightning bolt from heaven, and Semantha's life becomes a living hell. Under Cassie's constant, watchful eye, she feels like a prisoner -- a helpless pawn in her sister's cruel game. When Cassie begins wearing their mother's clothes and vying for their dad's affections, Semantha realizes she must bring their twisted sibling rivalry to an end...before a new generation is born.

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