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In the Loup Boxed Set #1 In the Loup Boxed Set #1

by Mac Flynn

Genre: Romance

Published: 2013

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Read In the Loup Boxed Set #1 Storyline:

The first four books in the werewolf erotic romance series In the Loup are available here in one single package. Follow Stephanie Yager as she struggles with her awakening and fights the strange urges which arise from her change.

**All titles are available separately and in discounted box sets.**

Shadow of the Wolf:

The moon is a harsh mistress for those with the curse. Only they understand the consequences when the full moon rises. Stephanie Yager slips into this world of struggle and seduction when she takes a wrong turn down destiny's path.

Wolf Rising:

The journey home has a minor detour as Stephanie experiences some slight side effects from her run in with the beast. Secrets are kept and strange, urgent needs arise as she tries to understand what's happening to her.

Heart's Strife:

Something's wrong with her, Stephanie can feel it. It's leading her emotions to go down a darker path as she returns home to her caring husband, and finds the veil before her eyes has started to change everything.

Wolf Blood:

The incessant craving is almost too much for her to bear. Stephanie struggles to contain the need inside of her even as she finds herself in the center of feuding males intent on gaining her attentions.

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