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Chasing Magic Chasing Magic

by Jessica Sorensen

Genre: Young Adult

Published: 2017

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Harlynn lives in a world ruled by magical creatures where humans, like her, have hardly any freedom. She's spent the last few years living on the streets, struggling to survive after watching a genie kill her parents. She’s all alone in the corrupt world, except for her best friend, Jason.
But she might lose him too unless she can steal a genie lamp in time to save his life.
Even as one of the best thieves in the city, the mission is going to be difficult for Harlynn. Plus, she'll have to go near a genie, a creature she despises.
Ashton is the lead singer of the famous paranormal band Ash East Arrow and is the genie Harlynn must steal the lamp from. He's cocky and ridiculously sexy and has the power to wish her away to a painful death.
Harlynn has seen the cruelty of genies and knows better than to get close to one. But when she messes up her mission, she might end up stuck with Ashton, and his band, for longer than she bargained for.

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