The Sheikh's Irresistible Proposal

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The Sheikh's Irresistible Proposal The Sheikh's Irresistible Proposal

by Holly Rayner

Genre: Other

Published: 2016

Series: The Sheikh's Every Wish

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Read The Sheikh's Irresistible Proposal Storyline:

When the Sheikh makes a proposal, you’ll find it impossible to resist. Hannah Green is talented, young, and beautiful; an aspiring jazz singer, she’s hurt by the news that her beloved venue and employer, The Blue Moon, may be forced to make cut-backs, including potentially her job! But when a tall, impossibly handsome olive-skinned man introduces himself as a fan, however, Hannah’s fortunes are going to take a turn. The mysterious man makes a proposal: a series of gigs in his Middle-Eastern home country, and a one-off payment of $500,000. Hannah is speechless, and after discovering his true name – Sheikh Sadiq bin-Haled al-Halam – and his reputation as one of New York’s richest, most eligible bachelors, Hannah feels this is one proposal she cannot resist… Soon she’s flying around the world, enjoying luxuries she’s never experienced before, but none more exquisite or alluring than Sadiq’s company. Before Hannah even realizes it, she’s irresistibly attracted to the playboy Sheikh. Could he want her for more than just her beautiful voice? Little does Hannah know, however, that Sheikh Sadiq possesses secrets of his own… 

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