Betrayal of the Band

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Betrayal of the Band Betrayal of the Band

by Sarah Tipton

Genre: Other10

Published: 2017

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Three friends. One summer. Countless consequences.Lured away by a college band promising more singing exposure, ambitious high school senior, Zoey Harris, abandons her boyfriend, her band, and her values. Justin Conrad is determined not to make the mistakes his dad made that nearly tore their family apart, so he will support Zoey's every decision—even if he knows it's the worst decision for her and for him.Being a drummer is all Sawyer Mahon has. When Zoey abandons them, Sawyer sees his future fading faster than the crash of cymbals. After all, what good is a drummer without a band? But after one wrong kiss, more than just the future of their band is destroyed. Can Zoey, Justin, Sawyer, and their band survive betrayal?

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