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Now or Never Now or Never

by Penny Jordan

Genre: Romance

Published: 2013

View: 1964

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Maggie, Nicki, Alice and Stella...For four close friends, it's the bonds of friendship that have seen them through life's ups and downs. Nothing can shake their support of each other--until one of them drops a bombshell that will change their relationships forever.Maggie, a successful businesswoman, is surprised when her decision to have a baby at age fifty-two threatens to divide the group. Family and financial problems plague Nicki, causing her to slip further into a depression sparked by her troubled past. Alice begins to question whether marrying young was a mistake, and decides to change her life, as she fears her husband is having an affair. And practical Stella is shocked to find that she's allowed herself to be tempted by a man other than her husband.Suddenly it's time to take stock. What has happened to their once-golden hopes and dreams? Are they destined to remain unfulfilled forever, or will the strength of their friendship help...

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