The Fires Of Hell

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The Fires Of Hell The Fires Of Hell

by Craig Robertson

Genre: Other2

Published: 2018

Series: Galaxy On Fire

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Never make a deal you can't finagle. As the unstoppable Adamant war machine stomps across the galaxy, Jon and the teens must part ways again. This time it may be for good. They must learn the ways of their lost race. Jon must find a way to stop the loss of more civilizations and more innocent lives. He must perform an impossible task. But to enlist the help of a malevolent sprit who can do the impossible, Jon must pay the ultimate price. He agrees to his eternal torment in exchange for the chance to deal the Adamant a death-blow.Join the ongoing Galaxy On Fire Series as Jon Ryan must dig into a very dark side of his personality he wishes wasn't there. He knows he must call upon it. But he's acutely aware that if he dances too close to the cliff he may fall into the pit of hopeless despair. Jon is on the razor's edge trying to justify his rash act in order to speed the downfall of the brutal Adamant advance. But what price is just too much to pay?

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