The Venus Assault

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The Venus Assault The Venus Assault

by Felix R. Savage

Genre: Other2

Published: 2019

Series: Sol System Renegades

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Asteroid squatters. A genocidal enemy. Saving lives has just been added to her job description…

Evicting people from their homes is a crappy job, but Elfrida Goto knows that somebody has to do it. If she can't evict the squatters from asteroid 11073 Galapagos, it'll further delay a project she cares deeply about: terraforming Venus. Unfortunately, Elfrida's remote telepresence robot isn't cooperating, and neither are the asteroid's inhabitants. When an enemy fleet attacks her home base and heads straight for Galapagos, her mission changes in a hurry.

Teaming up with a wannabe Star Force pilot, Elfrida hits on a plan to save the squatters. If she survives long enough to put it into practice, she'll go up against the most dangerous enemy humanity has ever known…

The Galapagos Incident is the first installment in The Solarian War Saga, a series of suspenseful space operas with a strong comedic edge. If you like fast-paced space thrillers, geeky references, and books that keep you thinking, then you'll love Felix R. Savage's extraordinary look into our interplanetary future. Readers of Iain M. Banks, Neal Stephenson, and Kim Stanley Robinson have discovered their new go-to space obsession.

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