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Anima Anima

by Jae Choguk

Genre: Other2

Published: 2013

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Lydia Raion is an Anima, she just doesn't know that yet. She's also the only transfer in the history of the Academy which brings unwanted attention, along with her cold-hearted trainer Jeremy with looks that can kill. If that wasn’t bad enough, she learns things about her family she wished she hadn't. With new friends & a lot of courage, she will face the hardest task of her life—who to trust.Lydia Raion is a strong-headed girl, who has to learn that not everything is as it seems. Going to a new school with new people is hard as it is, but add the fact that you’re the only transfer in the history of Animalagus Academy is sure to bring unwanted attention, but maybe not all bad. Lydia's trainer Jeremy is just that—too bad he's as cold as ice. Her past also starts to reveal itself, making Lydia question who she is, and who to trust. There is also a threat on the rise, and it's target isn't only the academy, but Lydia herself.

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