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by Joseph Mackey

Genre: Other2

Published: 2011

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Fools abound in our society and you could be their next victim! We all know that one moron who makes life miserable for all of us. It could be your boss, a coworker, or that friend of yours who cuts across four lanes of traffic to make a left turn while you're screaming STOP! Read my free book FOOLS by Joseph Mackey on and you too can have the last laugh and triumph over fools.Mark awakes from a dream into a nightmare. Everything he thought he knew has been a lie. He is not who he thought he was, his parents are not his parents, and the Earth is not his home.With his new found Psychic abilities, and the help of a strange girl from a Parallel world called Quell, he discovers the truth. With the help of friends, and the danger growing by the day, Mark must flee the only home he's ever known and find his way back to his true home and the war that's brewing there. Standing in his way is his Parallel, Tyrren, who seeks to kill Mark and obtain immortality.But even on Quell, Mark will find that a world away is not far enough.

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