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Scarlet and Silver Scarlet and Silver

by Bond Collins, Margo

Genre: Other2

Published: 2019

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Meet Blaize Silver. Monster Hunter. Earth Mage. Demon Cursed. And totally pissed off.There's not much worse than being a werewolf hunter who's allergic to silver. Except maybe being a werewolf who's stuck in wolf form.Hell, I've been traveling with Wolf for months now, and I still don't know his real name.So when I realize our latest monster-hunting call is back out to Tombstone, Arizona, where I met Wolf, I can't decide whether to be excited or anxious. For all I know, his pack wants him dead for working with me. It would fit that whole werewolf pack vibe. They're killy that way.Maybe I should just switch over to hunting fairies, like my cousin Cassidy.But then I'd miss out on the chance to find out what's really going on with Wolf. And I definitely don't want that.Besides, there's something out in the desert tracking all of us. It's been painting the desert red with werewolf blood. If I can take it down, Wolf's pack is going to owe me a favor.Unless, of course, they brought us in just to feed us to it.Fans of Faith Hunter, Ilona Andrews, and Anne Bishop will love the new Blaize Silver series."It's like Buffy meets Wynonna Earp and then they steal Sam & Dean's car!" ~Author Blaire Edens

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