Tempting a Texan

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Tempting a Texan Tempting a Texan

by Carolyn Davidson

Genre: Other2

Published: 2013

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SUDDENLY...Fatherhood!Or close enough, anyway. Wealthy banker Nicholas Garvey was stunned to learn he was now the legal guardian of a niece he hadn't known he had. But the bigger surprise was the child's beguiling nanny, Carlinda Donnelly, a woman who effortlessly made him yearn for the unexpected pleasures of hearth, home...and heartfelt love!He called her Lin--a nickname short, sweet, even innocent. But Carlinda Donnelly knew Nicholas Garvey's intentions were anything but! What he wanted was as clear as the wide Texas sky. This complex man with a past had definite plans for her future--all of which made her blood race, her heart pound and her passions soar!

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