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Green Man Must Pay Green Man Must Pay

by Bill Evans

Genre: Nonfiction

Published: 2019

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After numerous complaints from my readers (most audibly and notably, my Aunt Janet), I have been strongly urged to write a follow-up to G:THE STORY OF A MADMAN. Gregor's fans demanded more. In the first work, I have been accused of "leaving my readers hanging"; which of course was very much my intention. For those of you not familiar with G: THE STORY OF A MADMAN , I've pulled a snippet of the promo ad. "If there were such a thing as karma, Gregor would say he had it—bad karma. His mental illness has been present practically since birth. During early childhood, Gregor already knows he's different. As he grows to be an adult, those differences become violently apparent. He is a monster born, not made, and his extremely disturbed mental state is a thing of nightmares. Told in a series of chilling vignettes, G: The Story of a Madman is a character study of one man's descent into pure evil. It begins with "Baby G," a tale of Gregor's upbringing. A few...

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