The Winter Berry House

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The Winter Berry House The Winter Berry House

by Caroline Flynn

Genre: Other

Published: 2020

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A heartwarming novel about rediscovering past loves and remembering that home is where the heart is. It's the beginning of December, and the town of Port Landon is covered with snow and glowing with festive cheer. Working at the Port diner, Kait Davenport is counting down to Christmas the same way she does every year, serving fruitcake and cinnamon flavored coffee. But when she unexpectedly runs into her high school sweetheart, Branch Sterling, she knows this Christmas is going to be different. The holiday season marks the first anniversary of his beloved Grandma Addie's passing, and Branch must face the task he has been putting off for so long... It's time to return to the house he's inherited – the house he once called home – and make peace with his loss. Branch is determined to lay his painful memories to rest and finally move on. But he has rekindled a fire in Kait's heart, and when she offers to help him recreate Grandma Addie's legacy Christmas dinner for the whole...

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