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Resisting Her Rescue Doc Resisting Her Rescue Doc

by Alison Roberts

Genre: Nonfiction

Published: 2019

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An irresistible attraction...That won't be denied!Paramedic Cooper Sinclair's carefully planned first day at New Zealand's Aratika Rescue Base goes awry when he joins forces with fiery Felicity "Fizz" Wilson to rescue a car crash victim from the sea! The stunning adrenaline junkie should be off-limits to a brooding, guarded man like him, but her skill and vitality are undeniable. Cooper's avoided love for so long, but can he ignore his attraction to Fizz?"Utterly beautiful and enchanting book, this story was as completely adorable as the photograph on the cover and most definitely a joy to read."— Goodreads on Their Newborn Baby Gift"The first three books of this series are engrossing and fast-paced and this story is no different. Really, right from the beginning, this story had me hooked...."— Harlequin Junkie on Rescued by Her Mr. Right

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