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US Presidents For Dummies US Presidents For Dummies

by Marcus Stadelmann

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Published: 2002

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Forty-three Americans have held the job of President of the United States. Each has a story, be it one of vision, accomplishment, conflict, scandal, triumph, or tragedy. And each story is at the center of the national story, a part of what we all experience. History buffs find endless fascination -- and a greater understanding of America today -- in the colorful personalities and momentous events that surround the Oval Office.If you want the complete take on U. S. presidents, from George Washington to George W. Bush, you'll appreciate U. S. Presidents for Dummies. Written in a lively style by a history professor at the University of Texas, this fun guidebook of chief executives is packed with information, factoids, and memorable quotes. Inside, you'll find out which president:Promised to only serve one term, and kept his word!Was a great person but a rotten presidentCampaigned on nothing but image -- in the n ineteenth century!May be the most...

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