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You Know The Story You Know The Story

by Justin Blasdel

Genre: Other

Published: 2014

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A comedy musical about a cleaning lady having to save the kingdom's prince from a vengeful witch.In a Kingdom of old, a young Prince Cosmo wants nothing more than to follow his heart's desire of becoming a dancer, but his masculine father absolutely forbids it. Cosmo's only source of comfort is the cleaning lady Yalena, who he has very strong feelings for. Suddenly, an evil witch flies in and steals away Cosmo for revenge for when the King made her swamp the kingdom's septic tank dump. The King and Queen are at a loss as for what to do, but the blind prophet Euno declares he will only be saved by the lady Yalena. It is up to her to save her lover and the kindgom. Will she do it or will she succumb to the terrors of a mystical world filled with mushroom eating goblins, invincible knights, and lonely trolls? Only time will tell!

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