The Lambshank Redemption

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The Lambshank Redemption The Lambshank Redemption

by Andy Rothwell

Genre: Other

Published: 2019

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Minty, a happy and carefree lamb is hoodwinked into running away from farmer Joe's farm by Ginger, a wicked and spiteful tomcat. Ginger convinces Minty that she must runaway to find the magic meadow before she is taken away to the slaughterhouse, and then slow cooked in farmer Joe's wife's cooking pot to make the stew. Here starts the first part of Minty's unique and wondrous adventure that will see her encounter hidden kingdoms of magic and wonder, angels and demon. Along the way minty will face dangers untold but will also become loyal friends with creatures she never knew existed and even befriend and gain the trust of a melodramatic dragon. During her adventure, Minty is turned into a gnome by an angry leprechaun, who instructs Minty to enter the land of Lyconia, promising to break the spell if Minty returns with, 'A treasure without measure'. Lyconia is a dangerous place but poor Minty has no choice but to go into the unknown to face whatever awaits there. Events unfold that...

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